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From the owner, Ariel Ramos (Malden Braves):
My name is Ariel Ramos- proud founder and operator of Gryphon Bats. The name pronounced (Griffin) is a half-lion half-eagle that represents Pride, Strength and Perseverance the name and symbol were also chosen to pay respect to Greater Lowell Tech High School.  That is where, many years ago, I learned the art of carpentry and fine woodwork.
What makes the company and its products unique is that the methods we use to craft each and every bat is completely by-hand.  The reason is to assure the overall quality and the control of our products.  Every bat is considered “custom” meaning that the appearance and as well as the model selected by the player is tailored to the individual.  From the turning of the raw billets to the finishing touches, we take a lot of pride in being able to provide players a premium quality bat at a reasonable price.

Available for purchase with special CABL discount!
2016 Bats:
Custom Artwork/Special Edition Bats (such as the USA flag bat)- $65
Single bat order -$55 (Regular $60)
Two Bat order- $110 (Regular $120)- Free T-shirt Or Batting Gloves (CABL players only)
Three Bat order- $150 (Regular $165)- Free T-shirt & Batting gloves (CABL players only)

Ash, Maple, Birch, and Beech available.

R43 IMG_20160129_180230

32-34″ Maple
A power hitters dream!  The weight of the bat is gather at the barrel giving the feel of the bat similar to a sludge hammer. With that said during the swing, the bat feels like it accelerates- giving the hitter a fast and power swing.  Barrel diameter is 2.61 inches.
Type of player: Power hitter


AR5 (AP5)
32-34″ Maple
Very common model Bat. Similar to Marucci’s AP5. The weight is evenly disturbed throughout the bat with an above average sweet spot and a slighter larger than a traditional knob given the bat a slightly light controlled swing.
Type of player: Line drive & Gap hitters

Gryphon R10

R10 (M110)
32-34″ Maple
The most popular model-  The universal comfort, balance and pure size of hitting space (sweet spot) makes a great fit for hitters of all walks and sizes. The weight is this bat is weighted towards the middle of the sweet spot which is located 3/4 up from the handle. 2.51 inch barrel diameter of the barrel. 8.25 inch hitting space.

Gryphon JR10

32-34″ Maple

Same version as our R10 (110) model but with a 3.25 inch barrel diameter. Gives the hitter better control and counter balance during your swing.  This is a very popular bat- similar have been used by Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Manny Ramirez to name a few.
Gryphon R1 Fungo

R1 Ash Fungo
35-36″ Ash

The best feeling fungo you can find- the balance and feel of a R71. The barrel diameter is 2.25 inch- tons of hitting space (9.25 inches). These fungos are Made only from New England’s best Northern Ash. The weights are between -10 to -13.


Gryphon tshirts
Gryphon Bat Company apparelOlive Drab Hoodies with Flag $20 S-XXL $25 3XL-4XL
Long Sleeve T-Shirts in Red, Blue, or Navy $16
Short Sleeve T-Shirts $10
Gryphon White Gloves
Gryphon Batting gloves Black/White $20 CABL ($25 REGULAR)
Gryphon Gloves red

Gryphon Batting gloves
$10 CABL ($15 REGULAR)

Special Edition bats gryphon
Ask about our ever evolving lineup of custom artwork and special edition bats!

Additional Bat Models also available (Please ask for other models you don’t see listed):
R71 (271) 32-34″
R28 (141 w/ micro knob) 32-34″
R41 (141) 32-34″
244 32-34″
P72 32-34″

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