July 14- 2017 CABL All-Star Game

The CABL is happy to announce the 2017 All-Star Game player nominations.  This year’s All-Star Game will take place at 7:30pm on Friday, July 14 at Monan Park at UMass Boston (150 William T. Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA).

This year, each CABL teams’ manger selected one player who was guaranteed a spot on the 2017 squad and three additional players to be placed in the All-Star Player Pool.  Each Manager was encouraged to nominate three position players and one pitcher.

Draft- Live on our facebook page Wednesday night at 7pm

Mike Gavin, manager of the reigning champ Metro Gators, and Mike Roberts, manager of almost-champ North Shore Giants, will draft their teams from the respective All-Star Player Pools this Wednesday (June 28) at 7pm in a live post on our facebook page.  Each manager will start the draft with their own four players assigned to their squads.  In this case, Bryan Watkins, Ricky Garthe, Brandon Anderson, and Alex Corbett will join Gavin’s team, while Mike Roberts will be joined by Bryan Maynard, Robert Kimber, Corey Smith, and John Surrett.
Mike Gavin will get the first selection of the draft and choose from the Tier 1 (guaranteed spot) All-Star Player Pool, with Mike Roberts going next (and so on) until all 14 players as assigned to one of the two teams.  The managers will then move on to the 42-player Tier 2 All-Star Player Pool, and each choose 14 more players to draft to round our their 25-man rosters.  The 14 All-Star nominees who are not drafted will be considered alternates.  Should a drafted player not be able to make the All-Star Game, the respective manger will choose a replacement from the player pool.  The only exception: should the player who cannot attend by that team’s only representative, the manager must choose a player from that same team as a replacement.  This ensures that each of the league’s 16 teams have at least one representative.

Congrats to all of our 2017 CABL All-Stars and good luck in the draft and on the field on July 14th.

Congrats to these 2017 All-Stars (spots guaranteed)


The remaining 2017 All-Stars will be picked from this list of players nominated by the league managers.

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